Finding Sponsors/donations

Walkathon Sponsor/Donation help page

Thank you for helping us find sponsors for our May 4 Walkathon & Silent auction!

Our spreadsheet is at Airtable – ask Susana or Louisa to hook you in….

Our sponsor letter is here (pdf):  English   Spanish 

Our tax letter is here (pdf) 

Tax ID: 431997374
NCES Dist ID: 0634590
Federal School ID: 05713

Online apps/accounts:  please always use walkathon@gardnerhablemos as the email address and same password as walkathon site  is a general account for several local sports charities.  Login with our walkathon@ email…..

For email requests, here is the basic template we use….feel free to change to personalize with things like (“I’ve been a frequent customer of X for years and I thought you might be interested in sponsoring/donating…”). Be sure to attach the sponsor letter and tax letter.

Dear Friends,
I am writing on behalf of the students, teachers, and parents of Gardner Academy (public elementary) in San Jose to respectfully request the donation of [a set of tickets for a family of 4] for our upcoming Walkathon and Silent Auction event. The Walkathon & Auction is our primary fundraiser of the year and all funds raised go directly to provide our students with enhanced educational and cultural opportunities like field trips, Science Camp, and Little Heroes, an organized play recess program.Can you help us?  I am attaching our letter affirming our 501c3 status and our federal ID (431997374). If you have any questions, you can contact me, Fulana Tal at or you for your consideration.
Fulanafor Gardner Hablemos Walkathon, 502 Illinois Ave, San Jose, CA 95125,

Our Mission Statement:

Our name, Hablemos (“Let’s Talk” in Spanish) signifies that we want to speak and act in support of our children’s education. We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to increase the active involvement of Gardner parents in the education of our children.
Our Purpose:
1. To support students and staff academically and socially
2. Embrace families within the school community
3. Raise funds for extracurricular activities.
4. Promote diversity, bilingualism, and biliteracy.

Tips for Canvassing: 

  1. Sound confident!  This really is a good deal for most businesses, so you’re offering them a great opportunity:
    1. Advertising 1 – The chance to put a sample of their product/work on display in front of 300 members of local community.
    2. Advertising 2 – Short description of their product/business in the auction brochure that goes home to 300 families. Print and word of mouth.
    3. A tax write-off because we are a nonprofit
    4. Good juju from sponsoring local education, local children
  2. Take good notes!  A lot of people will say they need to talk with a manager.  Note down the name of who you talked to, the name of their manager, the name and address of business. Ask when would be a good time to come back, and then be sure to follow up.  In person is always better, but phone might work too.
  3. Keep your own notes, of course, but also try to add this info to the spreadsheet as frequently as you can…

Previous sponsors:

Orchard Supply Hardware, California Sports Center, IJava Coffee, Arteagas Grocery, Reed & Graham, Mindgarden Publishing, Estrella Family Services, Good Karma Bikes, SplashWorks, Brian’s Welding